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Sept. 16, 2012's
2012 Fall Hunting and Big Game Photo Gallery
Whether you're hunting Ducks, Geese, Hogs, Upland Game,
Small Game ... or just Big Game ... We WANT your photo.
Above ... Pro-Staff Super Girl - Jenn Wilks kicks off the gallery with her hog from a recent hunt and Ducks (Teal) from this very weekend of hunting. She's been busting the heck out of them down in Texas, or apparently, the magical fly-way of paradise.
Above, Renzie Cottrell enjoyed some gator hunting at the start of Sept. This one almost made 7 ft.
Marc Stone shows off his and Bob's tails as we travel back to camp.
Here ... Boomer and myself enjoyed a little early fall fun. Squirrel hunting is worthy of photos too !
 Huntin With Heroes T-Shirt Winners are ...
( The T-Shirt Give-Away is OVER 02-15-2013 )  
 The Oaks ... with their Awesome Aoudad Rams & ... 
                       ..... For knocking 2 kids to the ditch !
Payton Hamilton & Mr. Ian  ... for rolling the Crick kid !
Young Crick Kid  ... for whacking an Italian in the head !
Rich Pizzuto  .......  for knock'n out the HWH guys !
Cousin Renae - (Fred) ... For Knocking out the Fryer Boys !
Katie Snyder - (Bruce) ... for knocking the Fryers Out ! 
Mason & Trey Fryer ... for rolling Anca in two days !  
Anca Bradu ... for knocking out 7 year old Grace !
Grace Clemons ....... for Giving Boat the BOOT !!!  
Nichole Boatman ....... for knocking out Marissa !  
Marissa Oaks .....  for taking over the Home Page !
Random Winners are :
Mark Yingling - Grace Clemons - Tanner Adams - Heather Glasgow
If your name appears above let me know where to ship your T-Shirt. And the
choices are simple. Let me know if you want a large. That is the ONLY choice !
( You gotta send me a EMAIL with a shipping address )  

The 2012 - 2013 Fall Hunting and Big Game
Gallery is CLOSED
From Left to right ... Damon - The Next Legend - Flynn, ... Erik - The Coyote Kid - Schenk,
and ... Evan - The Fabio of BC - Schultz, ... pose after a successful hog hunt recently. The
trio, along with the guiding help of the Brown County Outlaw himself prove to be no match
for the elusive wild feral hogs roaming the hills and hollers of West Central Illinois.
The Hunting Team of Beau and Marissa have some New Mexico free range fun. They both
take out a couple of dandy Aoudad Rams after a long week of hunting. Beau's is above
while Marissa's ram is below. Both photos land on the home page, grabbing the honors
and a T-Shirt from Hunting with Heroes TV ( changing to Hunting with Honor soon )
Marissa Oaks RECLAIMS the Home-Page with another Awesome photo. She seemingly
can do ANYTHING she sets her mind to. She's gotta be the most Bad-Ass Woman on the
planet !!!! Anyway ... she wins ANOTHER T-Shirt from Huntin With Heroes ( changing to
Huntin with Honor very soon ) And Marissa ... you gotta tell me where to ship them ?
Gene Ray and grandson Ian come over to hunt with The Outlaw and young Ian took
down this impressive Boar. Story has it that Ian used his knife first to slow it down. And ...
after we did a little skinning ... we did find several knife wounds. Mr. Ian also made the
Home-Page and he picks up a Hunting With Heroes ( Hunting with Honor ) T-Shirt !
Payton's hog and photo made the Home-Page ... so this young lady wins a FREE
T-Shirt from Huntin with Heroes ... Changing to Huntin with Honor shortly.
Kyle and Payton are all smiles as they take out a pair of nasty hogs in Brown Co. recently.
Cody Miller and the Huntin with Heroes Team are out calling in some yodel dogs. And, ...
I tell ya what, this beats the guys who drives the roads to simply catch a coyote running
across a field. Going out to a set-up, predicting there they are, playing the wind and selling
the calls as if it's real, ... is tough. Thus, calling one in beats any road hunter hands down.
This young man is also the "Poster-Boy" for the home page taking it away
from Rich Pizzuto and his Hog Photo. Soooo Young Crick ... you win
a "Huntin with Heroes" T-Shirt for rolling an Italian to the curb.
Seeing your kids, ....  ( or any kid for that matter ) smile with recent success is worth
every bit of trouble that comes along with it. I do know from experience about getting
boys up, dressed and ready to hunt. ANY parent that hunts with their children from the
early years to when they too, are adults knows what I'm taking about. But, ... it all pays off
when they grow into equal partners enjoying the great outdoors right along side of you.  
Hunting with family and sharing the great outdoors with those you love is what it's all about !
Team Crick ... ( and Team LODGE ) from Oklahoma enjoy a family duck hunt recently.
Tim and Candace shares some pretty cool photos above. Looks like the
Crick Boys put a little smack-down on some ducks.
JMac says ... it's smaller than my first one ... but hunting in the cold icy woods ... he wasn't
passing him up. And why not ... that's a solid Pope & Young Buck. Good shooting Joe !
Vito ... scores first before the ice and snow bring the colder temps for the next day.
He placed one shot into the head of this hog and dropped it in it's tracks. Nice shooting Mr. V !
Hunters, Vito, Rich and Mike enjoy some cold weather hog hunting in Brown County. On one of
the worst weekends thus far, with rain, sleet, ice AND SNOW .... these guys still take out 2 solid hogs pushing 200 or more. Great hunting guys and Vito, we can't wait for more card playing too!
Rich Pizzuto in the above two photos is more than happy with this brute. And ... this photo
takes over the Gallery Home-Page Lead in spot ... thus winning Rich a HWH T-Shirt !
JMac .... enjoys a little late season Raccoon hunting with his Ole Man.
We didn't slay them ... but fun was had by all.
The "Boat" from Texas ( Nichole Boatman ) prevents the feeder from being robbed
further by this bandit. Hunting in purple short and flip flops isn't how I roll ...
but I'd let her do about anything she wanted with that smile !
With the snow & cold winds ... the coyote hunting is heating up. Close action calls for my trusty Mossberg 935 packing some heavy loads. This coyote folded up faster than a cheap card table.
Katie ( left ) and Cousin Renae with their dog Mini ... are having fun. I hear that Mini is
becoming quite good at bird hunting too. Soooooo ... I'll anticipate more photos with
that brag ? Cousin Renae, riding the shirttail of Katie will grab a Huntin With Heroes T-Shirt
too ... as Bruce and Fred can't win. Thanks Katie for sending in your photos at the right time.
Katie Snyder has a successful Grey Fox hunt recently. And ... because Bruce and Fred
are HWH members disqualifying them from a T-Shirt ( Glen can give'm one ) ...
Katie Snyder will grab theirs instead. ( Sounds fair doesn't it ? )
Bruce and Fred ... the new "Cover Boys" for the home page lead-in spot are already members of Huntin With Hereos so winning their own Shirt probably ain't all that cool.  But, I'd say the photo is pretty Cool. These two hogs where roaming a large track of ground being picked up on trails cams and local farmers reporting sightings miles apart. Rick and I called in for back up and these Active Military guys brought in the real guns. Using their Ambush Firearm ... Huntin With Heroes TV team made short work of tracking down the hogs tearing up the local farmers fields. Thanks Glen, Fred, Bruce and Elaine ! And ... please make SURE you click on the link and "Like" their facebook page.
Getting it done is Huntin With Heroes Team of Glen Simpson, Bruce Kowalski,
Fred Butler and Elaine ???? ( Nobody told me her last name - Sorry Elaine ) This hog
was running with another that had been reported roaming consistantly across a corn
field. It was taken out quickly ... but the other took a couple rounds and escaped.
But as you can see in the photo above ... he didn't make it too far.
The Fryer Boys spend the first day of the year rabbit hunting in 6 degree temperatures.
And ... this photo rolls Miss Anca to the curb in only two days. With late seasons still active,
send in your photos too,  ...  and maybe you can roll the Fryer Boys off the home page.
Mr. Sparky ... of M2D Camo drops this impressive whitetail in the deep snow. Double
brow tines and several more gnarly little kickers makes this buck a unique trophy !
And Sparky, I almost placed this photo on the Home Page Knocking out Anca Bradu's
huge Boar photo, but somehow, ... I just couldn't knock her out after only one day.
On the final day of the year ... two coyotes make the mistake of coming to close to the
squealing rabbit sounds. I'll call that a nice end to the 2012 Hunting Season for me !
Zach Burton sends in his 161 5/8 gross / and 141 net scoring Buck taken near Charlotte, MI. He used his Hoyt Vectrix & Easton FMJ 400 arrows with a G5 Montec Broadhead. Nice buck Zach!
Sparky ( above and below ) seems to have fun no matter where he goes or what he hunts !
Mr. Sparky ( above ) harvest this large body Mule Deer on a recent hunt. Please check out ...
M2D Camo too. They have great gear for any or all hunting needs. It's ...
Swans sure look fun to hunt ... these guys hunting with "Sparky" had a good time.
This Photo rolls the South Texan ... Miss Grace off the Home Page !
With a little over 24 hours left for the 2012 year ... Our July 2010 Outdoor Girl shares three
photos from her recents hunts and the top one with that HUGE Boar also grabs the
"Home-Page" lead in spot. Yep, ... The Young Texan - Miss Grace almost run the year
out with her first ever buck .... But Anca wasn't afraid to knock Grace off the spot.
Ron hunting with Mr. Sparky has fun on a recnt Mule Deer hunt.
Kevin finds success with this impressive 4 X 4 sporting some brow tines to boot !
Braiden scores on his 1st buck and is all smiles too ! Congrats.
Mr Dave ... connects on this late season beauty.
When winter comes and brings the snow, ... that's the best time to do a little coyote calling in
my book. This was my Christmas present. It's still cold, so I'm hoping to call in a few more !
And I, ... can't even bring myself to Knock Miss Grace off the home page. Sooooo can Miss 
Grace Clemon from Texas hold onto and ride the "Lead-in" spot til December 31st ?  
Candace Crick ... Team Lodge's FINALIST for the Prois Award ... has already been our number 1 selection no matter where she landed in the voting ! That's one impressive Moose and Hunter.
Team LODGE Pro Staff Member and Prois Finalist Candace Crick, ... shows us why
she's PMA ! ( That's Pretty Much Amazing ) Above she smiles big with her Bear and Moose
harvest in 2012. ( But, ... even Candace couldn't knock out Miss Grace from the Home Page )
Grace Clemons take her FIRST Buck on a recent hunt in central Texas. She is only seven years old
and this makes her 4th deer taken overall ... thus far. ( She is still hunting this year and hopes to
look for a bigger one ) She also rips the " Home Page " honors away from fellow Texan Nichole Boatman. Nichole has held the spot for over a week now ... but Grace says ... " Give Boat the Boot ... Lodgeman, she's old news " You got it Grace and ... you are already are a random winner for a
Huntin with Heroes T-Shirt ... plus,  you receive another for grabbing the" Home Page " spot light !
Brother Adam and Ben have fun on a recent BC Outlaw Hog Hunt ... scoring well on these two hogs.
Doo Kim and Elmer Yuh ... shoot and knock down this nasty hog.
Hunting group of Elmer, Jeff, Doo and Mike ...
harvest 3 hogs on a recent trip to The Outlaw's hunting area. Bacon for everyone !
Team Florida - Miss Deidra with Bo's helping too,  scores on her first ever Deer harvest with a
bow. And, ... filling doe tags is an important part of deer management. Deidra has no problem
doing her part. Remenber, ... Bo and Deidra are the "Super Couple" from South Florida and Team LODGE's number 1 source for all your fishing info or trip of a lifetime. Check out Deidra Outdoors
on Facebook ... or go to Bo and Deidra's Fishing Charter site on facebook Tenacity Guide Service !
Nichole Boatman and 2010 Outdoor Girl for proves again why she
was selected. She took over the Home Page with this AWESOME photo knocking out
Marissa Oaks who I thought would hold the spot for several weeks. Nichole also lead the
charge for "Country Cowgirls" with fellow Texas tart Jenn Wilks ! Jenn's been loading
up the gallery with her waterfowl onslaught. These two ladies seem to be unstoppable !
Sergey and Alexander enjoy some hog hunting fun with the Outlaw. Click here for more !
Dennis on the left harvests a nice boar while hunting with Chuck and Andrew ( right and below )
Chuck and Andrew enjoy hog hunting success with the Outlaw recently !
This photo from Marissa Oaks ... knocks the photo by Jenn Wilks off the home page.
Yep, ... Marissa says, ... " Beau's waterfowl photo is okay, but archery Bear hunting
certainly kicks that Dog's ass."   You are correct Marissa. You now rule the Home Page !
Daegun is all smiles in the photo above and below ... CONGRATS on your successful harvests !
The above four photos are courtesy of Marissa Oaks. The first two directly above are
Marissa with her 2012 Elk and Antelope Doe harvest. Then ... her son Daegun
enjoys his successful Antelope and Elk harvest as well. Thanks Marissa !
Team Lodge member .... Joe Fryer popped this Bobcat on the 1st day of the season for harvesting cats. I'm pretty sure its on the way to World Headquarters for a cool cat mount.
Colten of Open Season Outfitters even joins in and harvests this tall tined beauty. Wow ... these
guys went 4 for 4 on whitetails that would impress anyone and ... Ole Sparky even scores on
a Moose to boot. If you want more information on M2D and where they hunt ... please contact
Sparky at his site ... and get ready to have a hunt of a lifetime ! This photo
and the below four, ....  all came courtesy of M2D Camo and Mr. Sparky himself !
Sparky even joins the fun with this gnarly Northern Whitetail ... and the Moose in the photo above !
Is it just me or does hunting with Sparky and or The M2D gang just look like a ton of fun always ?
Dylan also hunting with Sparky and Open Season Outfitters ... scores on this impressive brute !
Ben, ... hunting with Sparky of M2D Camo scores on this heavy rack northern buck.
Glen Simpson Co-Host of Huntin With Heroes TV harvests this STUD of a buck pushing
nearly 180 inches !!! And ... he does it on film for an upcoming TV episode. Cameraman
Cody Miller shot great footage too. Me and Cody go way back ... as I was his little
league and pony league coach. Great Buck Glen ! And Congrats too !!!
Bryan scores on this impressive 150 class buck. He is the father of the young lady below.
I'd say he is more proud of Gracie than his own success.
Young Gracie ... still on the heels of Jenn Wilks is aiming to knock her out of the way.
She took this fat doe on a recent deer hunt in West Texas. She needed a little tracking
assistance from Remi ( the Dog ) and a little Legal assistance from the Texas Game
officials as the tracking job ended up a mere 100 yards over the fence. But, ... she's
learning the right way from her Father and the deer was successfully found.
Team Texas ... Miss Jenn Wilks has fun one morning recently. She's a waterfowl
 hunting fool. I think Miss Jenn should take over Duck Dynasty !!!
Bob ... hunting with the group in the three photos below enjoyed a solo hunt the next morning 
that produced this nice hog. Adam and Tony might have been moving a little slow that morning.
Happy hunters ... Adam, Tony, ( The Outlaw ) and Rick ... smile for the camera back at the cleaning barn. This team took out three hogs fast and followed up with another one the next day.
Adam ... enjoys the moment maybe a little too much ??? But ... succss is something
to be happy about. And once the hunt is over a refreshing drink is certainly needed.
Tony makes short work of his first encounter with hogs in Brown County.
Beau ... the Lone Ranger of the flyway eagerly waits for the snow geese to come and she
hopes her Master doesn't miss and take away the joy of retrieving. "No pressure Jenn",
says Beau, ... "just don't MISS ! " And this photo is the one that KNOCKS my 10 point
photo off the homepage. WOW ... I've been replaced by a dog ? That says it all !
2010 Outdoor Girl ... Miss Anca Bradu scores on a Russian Hog during a recent outing !
Lacey Rush ... provides the photo below and above. She is one awesome outdoor lady.
Check out her facebook page ... Rush Charters and see for yourself.
Hunting in south Florida with Lacey Rush ... this hunter is all smiles. Look up Rush
Charters on facebook if you want to learn more about fishing in south Florida !
Sam ... hunting with Sparky and M2D Camo ... scores on a early season velvet buck.
Terra Rene Haines fills her archery doe tag on a recent outing. This girl is one super cool gal.
Congrats Miss Terra ... and we'd love to include more of your great photos anytime !
Beau just looks into the sky keeping alert while Jenn plays photo texting
and facebook posting. If it wasn't for her alert and ever diligent dog ...
I don't think Miss Jenn would ever see a duck or goose fly by ???
Here ... Jenn Wilks and crew await the arrival of geese as they hang out in the open corn fields.
Above ... two awesome ladies show off some action photos. Left we have Kristilee
( Kamo Kristilee ) with a doe tag filled and Jenn Wilks playing like she's a postal worker ...
rain, sleet or snow doesn't stop Miss Jenn  from getting out there and having fun !
OK. - Team Lodge Pro-Staff Miss Candace fills her doe tag on a recent hunt, Congrats Candace !

Bob from Northern Illinois hunts with the Outlaw on a recent trip ..
and scores well with this brute of a HOG !
Jenn Wilks ... Team LODGE's pride and joy from Texas ...
has another great morning with other fellow duck hunters.
Team member, Jenn Wilks is right at home laying in a coffin blind in the middle of a corn field.
Miss Heather  ... says " Move over Tim and Joey ... this girl is one hunting machine"
On the 3rd day of the IL Firearm Season ... this Buck presents a shot. And ... I felt if anyone should knock a kid off the home page spot, it might as well be me ! BAM ... Tanner ... you just got rolled.
12 year old Tanner Adams of AZ ... harvests this unique 2 X 4 with brow tines to boot. Proud Dad
Jamie Adams asks, ... " Lodgeman, will Tanner KNOCK your nephew to the curb as the next ... 
"Home Page Lead-In" photo ? " Well, I think Ole Mason's term in office just might be short lived.
Cody Miller of Alexander, IL and part of the Huntin With Heroes Team ...
drops this 190 class IL monster earlier this week.
Joe Haynes with "Huntin With Heroes" scores on this impressive 160 Class Illinois brute !
Mason Fryer ... ( above & below ) is all smiles has he fills yet another deer tag in is early
career. This photo also ripped the glory away from Joe and takes over the highly prized
"Home Page" spot light. See, ... though Joe's deer was a 185 gross scoring buck ... this deer
too, ... is equally as special. Whether you a youth or a 50 year old dude like me ... EVERY
deer harvested should be appreciated and everyone should be THANKFUL that we STILL
 live in the GREATEST country,  where we are free to chase our dreams. Sure, we all want
to harvest the next WORLD Record ... but every harvest should make you proud.
Mason Fryer ... with aid from "Master-Guide" Tim Glasgow from NE MO ... have Youth Season
success. Mason placed one shot and dropped his trophy in it's tracks. It was "Dirt Nap" time
for this deer. Trey, ... the younger brother to the "Deer-Master" is ready to let the lead fly
once all things align. Ohhhh ... and they will Mr. Trey. The glory will soon be yours.
Sparky tags this Idaho Buck recently, all I can say is WOW. This photo & the several others in the gallery simply show that Sparky & M2D Camo Properties have quality hunts & GREAT success.
Sparky shows us here ... that Big Game isn't all he chases.
Looks like Mr. Spark does pretty good at the Waterfowl Game too !
Melissa ... as you can see, hunting on M2D Camo Properties harvests a nice Bull. Maybe, ...
you should contact Sparky about setting up your next Western Big Game Hunt ?
Helen ... also hunting with Sparky harvest this Moose. Wow ... that's way cool !
Ben , ... hunting with Sparky on M2D Camo properties scores on this impressive Elk.
Above ... we pair "The Boat" and "Kamo Kristi" with a couple cool photos they have shared.
And, ... I must admit, it takes great restraint not to write a joke/comment here. GREAT restraint !!!
Waterfowl Hunting has been fun for Kristilee. She's a busy gal and ... if you want to
subscribe to her FACEBOOK page, I think you'll like it. She's pretty impressive !
This photo from "The Boat" I just call Crazy Eyes. I'm sure she is THRILLED & excited to harvest this buck. She hunted alone, with no help & used a special gun too. Way to go Miss Nichole.
Nichole Boatman ... a 2010 Outdoor Girl for fills her 2012 Deer tag.
Now, she tells me that she used her gun that was passed down to her, from her
Pawpaw. So, this deer havest has special meaning. Indeed it does Nichole.
Congrats on a beautiful buck and always shoot your Pawpaw's gun with pride !
Teresa Hunter ... is "Sporting" her M2D Camo Cap we sent her. She had the "COOLEST"
women with weapons photo that rode on the home page for a long long time. Anyway ...
she was a random winner and she's putting that hat to work. Thanks for sharing your
great photos Teresa and continue to have great success in all you do.
With a Buck like this ... I even grab a little of the lime light. I mean, come on, .. I took
him out hunting at age 4. Gave him all the training I could ... and see, it paid off !!!
Yep, ... somehow, ... I'll take just a little credit for his hard work and effort !
Joe McDaniel says .... "Dad, its time to roll Rebecca Wolfe to the curb ... I think I OWN the Home Page" Indeed you do ... but the real question is ... Now, who can topple Joe from the THRONE ???
Will Bowens unlads his .45 ACP bringing bown this HUGE BC Outlaw Hog !
Don took out this Hefty Hog on a recent BC Outlaw hunt.
Our 1ST Quarter Outdoor Girl ... Miss Rebecca Wolfe returns home from a GREAT bow
hunt in Ohio. This heavy 8 point is Rebecca's largest buck to date. Congrats Rebecca ...
And, .... this photo knocks Boomer's photo  off the Home Page !
Pro-Staffer Jeremiah Pope sends in the above two photos, saying he is gunning for
the Home Page Cover Photo Lead-In spot. Well, ... I think we can all agree that Rebecca
trumps the Pope. Bad timing Jeremiah, ... your Goose-Head hanging from the tailgate
had hope until Rebecca stole the glory. I guess you better try it again !
Sparky takes out this impressive hog recently from a hunt in Texas.
WOW ... everything really is bigger in Texas.
Mike hunting with M2D Properties and Sparky himself enjoys Elk and Whitetail Deer hunting !
Great photos Sparky !
Brenda Dugan enjoys a little exotic hunting recently. Thanks for the photos Brenda !
Teresa Hunter ... from ND is having fun doing a little upland game hunting. Ohhhh how
I'd love to hunt for pheasant in North or South Dakota. She's in our fishing gallery too
and has one of the COOLEST " Women with Weapons " photos. In fact, ... I just mailed
her M2D Camo Cap ... as she was one of the random winners. Thanks Teresa !
Lacey Rush ... Of Rush Charters ( facebook link ) adds a couple nice deer photos of hers
to the gallery. This lady seems pretty cool. If you want to help me ... click on her facebook
link, then like her page and comment that she would make a perfect 2013 Outdoor Girl.
Let's FLOOD her page with positive comment about that !!!
Sparky is all smiles after harvesting this impressive Audad in Texas.
Ben .. hunting with Sparky of M2D Camo scores on his Audad in Texas.
Mark Yingling ... who held the HOME PAGE "lead-in" photo spot with his Colorado
Elk photo shows he gets around a lot. Here is his impressive Oklahoma hog.
The Yingling Team traveled to Oklahoma recently on a wild boar hunt. Now, ... did Outlaw or myself offer them a hunt in Brown County ? I guess not. But one thing for sure ... our hog are NASTY !
Mr. Bryan from Texas shows us why Texas is so famous.
This is one impressive stud taken recently on a hill country hunt.
Bowfishing GURU and State Record Holder ... Brent "The legend" Thompson shows
that his arrow aim is deadly on deer too. Did he have his newborn up in the stand too ?
WOW ... talk about starting them out young. Great deer Brent !
The aove two photos are Mr. Kevin K ... A Lodge Taxidermy customer who scores early season sussess during the archery season.This is a heavy main frame 8 pointer with a extra kicker or
a split main beam tip ... or you could even go with a slight drop tine too. However you decide ...
this brute is quite the STUD. Thanks Kevin for the photos. I can't wait to mount this beauty.
Brenda Dugan has upland game success on a recent hunt.
Sparky and his hunter Dave ... harvest a nice antelope recently.
Amy hunting with Sparky on M2D ground ... scores on a nice Bull ! Congrats Amy !
Mr. Braiden holds up a prairie dog from a recent outing with his dad ... Sparky of M2D Camo !
Young gun ... Mr. Riley enjoys shooting a few prairie dogs this fall.
Lacey Rush above ( and below ) appears to be quite the Outdoor Girl.
Maybe we'll have to twist her arm to consider being a 2013 featured Lady ?
The Rush's enjoy a great whitetail hunt recently. They have a fishing charter business
in Florida and ... you can learn more about that at facebook ! ( Click on it ... I dare ya )
Pro-Staff Jeremiah Pope shows why he is's resident Waterfowl Hunting
GURU ! The above four photos make me drool. When it comes to waterfowl hunting info ...
the POPE is the HIGHEST source you'll find. Let the POPE bless you with his knowledge.
Above ... Bryan and Gracie show off a couple dandy Texas trophies from a recent hunt. We
love receiving photos from Bryan and expecially Gracie ... as she is going to KNOCK Jenn Wilks
Beard out of her place here. Yep, ... Jenn's replacement is working hard to send her packing.
Gracie says ... " Jenn, ... I'm gunning for you, ... look over your shoulder, you'll see me ! "
Paul Kimpton .. above and below ... makes his claim in our "Big Game" gallery ! Impressive Paul !
BC Outlaw Hog Hunter ... Paul Kimpton enjosy a great Elk Hunt north of the border. Paul
travels around hunting some of the most coolest places. I'd pack his gear to tag along.
Look Below ... Jessica Edd is BACK !
( we've missed her )  
Above ... Jessica smiles with her 2012 Speed Goat taken recently in Wyoming. That appears to be
one impressive antelope, however, she tells me ... it's not her largest one. I think she trying to make
me jealous ! And ... to learn more about her and all of her talents ... go to
If you think we should post more cool photos from Jessica ... when you click on her link ... drop
her a note telling her that. Say, ... " Jessica, come back to as a regular "
In the photos above and below ... Jessica filled her bucket list for harvesting a Alligator in Florida.
I'd say for a Gal living in Wyoming that was one cool experience. Am I right Jessica ?
It been a Long time since we've posted pics from this AWESOME young lady.
She's none other than the Woman who tames the WILD WEST. She's Miss Jesscia Edd
of Wyoming. Please check out her site ... to learn of this cool gal.
Jeremiah says ... get that Yingling dude off the home page ... this photo kicks ass !
And .. once the POPE speaks ... it's official.
Here is Capt. Lacey Rush from Florida. She is one AWESOME fishing Captain, but she also hunts too. And apparently, she hunts hogs in the swamps of Florida barefooted. That is too cool ! Maybe we're looking at a 2013 Outdoor Girl If you want to learn more about her now, check out her Facebook page!
Boomer & I have fun hunting Antelope last week in Wyoming. His almost reaches 16 inches while
 mine had a little ground shrinkage only reach 11 3/4. But hey ... it's all fun when you do it yourself.
Hey ... I even score on a pretty good Muley on Public Land in Wyoming.
Sara Love scores on her archery deer ... with her bow given to her by PRO Staff member ...
Candace Crick ! It's cool when this stuff happens. Thanks Candace and Sara for being so great!
Boomer ... Pro-Staff and Hunting buddy scores on this dandy public land Mule deer last week !
Melissa Bachman a former Outdoor Girl Feature for us ... scores on this beauty of a BULL.
Sparky of M2D Camo ... has a great hunt down south. He provided each Quarterly Outdoor
Girl with a shirt and cap .. plus we gave more shirts and caps during the "Staying Cool in Camo"
fun. Now, ... we will also give MORE M2D Camo to the "Women & Weapons" gallery entries
too. See, ... Mr. Sparky is that cool. So ..please visit his site and check out all if their great gear.
Now see, ... here's why Rebecca Wolfe kicked off the year as our 1st Quarter Outdoor Girl
feature. She pulls off the triple play this week. Monday, she takes her 1st ever archery buck
( see below ) ... on Tuesday she follows up with filling her archery doe tag ( see below ) ...
and if that's not enough, Wednesday she back in the stand and pops this nice hog. That's
three days and a successful hunt everytime. She really is PMA !!! ( Pretty Much Amazing )
Rebecca goes back to back with a successful hunt yesterday ( photo below ) & then today she fills
her doe tag too. Kinda easy to see why Team Lodge thinks so highly of our 1st Qtr Featured Lady.
Mark, after my request for a photo WITHOUT the truck delivers this one which shows the vast landscape & the elevation of his location. Thanks for the photos Mark,  you're making me jealous.
Brown County native Mark "Arkie" Yingling enjoys some Elk Hunting this fall & did fantastic bringing down this impressive 6X6 where apparently, A TRUCK CAN DRIVE up to. I'm not sure which is more impressive - a nice Bull or the fact that it fell in the ROAD ! Eitherway, ... Congrats on your Bull Mark !
Rebecca Wolfe ... Our 1st Qtr Featured Outdoor Girl ... starts her season off quickly. She says this
is her first of many archery harvest to come. ( And I believe her too ) Congrats Rebecca ! Remember ... you can visit Rebecca on Facebook ... make sure you "like" her page and tell her we sent ya !
Lindsey Marrow ( a former Outdoor Featured lady ) scores on a tasty doe already this season.
Thanks for sharing Miss Lindsey and we wish you continued luck for the rest of the season.
Courtesy of Sparky from M2D Camo ... hunter Mike Wolsky scores on his first Mule Deer using M2D Camo to help blend into the sage surroundings. I know Boomer and I are heading to Wyoming and I know M2D will work great out there ! Thanks Sparky ... and send more great hunter success photos.
So ... if you have any success photos ... send them to
And ... we'll get'm added ASAP !